Live the Values.

I’m a passionate believer in the transformative powers of employee culture. A strong culture inspires, motivates and pushes us all to be our best. We’ve always had something special here at McAfee. We never lost sight of our noble cause, our mission and calling. That’s why our Vision, Mission, Values puts our employees at the heart. Culture is not a just about a set of words on a poster or in a nicely designed powerpoint (although we have these too, and don’t they look great!). It’s much, much more. When I consider company culture and what it means to me, I think about the kind of company I want to be proud to work for. I think about creating a dynamic, high performing team that celebrates and rewards hard work and talent. I think about a work environment that encourages innovation and creativity in all forms. Where the ability to nimbly navigate through any challenge becomes ingrained in how we tackle problems and advance our business goals. Where breaking, and re-making the rules – where it makes sense - becomes part of the course in our evolution. And as we look at our values and how these form the foundation of how we work, we each play a role in bringing these to life. From how we recruit, reward or hold each accountable, our values will underpin the decisions we make. Please take the time to learn about the values and think about how you can start to apply these in your role. Join me in embracing these values and continuing our journey to make McAfee a great place to work. Chatelle Lynch
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chatelle Lynch

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