We Put the
Customer at
the Core

We Put the Customer at the Core

We collaborate across boundaries to prioritize the customer.
We listen to our customer’s needs.
We value their feedback and center their experience in our design and delivery.
We provide an exceptional customer experience for every customer, every time.

Bernard’s Story

Bernard O’Donovan
Senior Business Planning Analyst
Bernard has piloted a new strategy by synchronizing the supply chain with constant communication and by staging stock throughout the quarter; a system only previously used in peaks of demand such as the end of quarter. Cross collaboration with a multitude of teams has allowed a seamless management of supply and demand across the supply chain in the past two quarters and ensured customer’s expectations are met. By synchronizing the teams it has resulted in two-way education communicating and understanding the risks, pitfalls and accountability involved across the organisation. “I am maestro of the supply chain! My customers - from the supply base to the sales team – are the orchestra I need to play in perfect harmony to make sure the supply of world class quality products are available on time for our customers.” Read More Employee Stories

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